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Send by mail!

Send standing waste from anywhere in Estonia and Finland!

Goods sent: automobile catalysts and electronics scrap.

Step one: Contac us by phone +372 5650 6492 or send an email info@basemetal.ee.

Before sending the product, check its approximate cost. Send a photo or call us and tell about your product.

Step two: Fill out the form

Step three: Choose a carrier:

Step four: Send your product!

Phone for SMS: +372 565 064 92

Delivery addresses in Tallinn:

Itella smartpost: Tallinna Lasnamäe Maksimarket, J. Smuuli tee 43
Omniva: Tallinna Pirita Selveri pakiautomaat, Rummu tee 4
DPD: Pirita Selver, Rummu tee 4

Keep the receipt until the completion of the transaction.

The sender remains the owner of the goods until he agrees to the sale by responding to our letter with a PDF invoice.

Step five:
Product handling and payment

As soon as we receive an SMS with a code, the goods are picked up.

After checking and evaluating the goods, client gets a PDF act-invoice to the e-mail indicated in the questionnaire.

A detailed description of this procedure can be found in the questionnaires.

Requirements for accepted waste:

  • The catalyst ceramics must be naturally moist. When receiving catalyst ceramics, we do not look at the actual weight, but estimate according to the catalog. As a rule, waste ceramics weigh a little more than in the catalog, since they contain dampness and soot.
  • Do not cut out the catalysts with iron filling from the casings - powder with precious metals spills out!
  • Please be sure to consult with us before shipping items!
  • The purchase and sale of waste takes place in accordance with the Waste Act (Jäätmeseadus) §106.
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