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About us

BASE Metal has been offering reprocessing and recycling services in the European market since the year of 2005.

Waste recycling permition - KL-509603

Radiation activity license No. KTL-509686/20

We quickly take up innovations in the market of metals and strive for flexible ways of doing business.

A main office of BASE Metal is locates in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our company has established an effective partnership with customers in more than 30 countries worldwide.

BASE Metal works directly with the European and Asian recycling companies, thus offering maximal beneficial terms of carrying on business.

Today we are a leading company in the market of automotive catalyst recycling in Estonia and well established in the Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

A network of the company’s customers includes Baltic countries, Scandinavia and European countries.

Main services

  • Recycling of automotive and industrial catalysts
  • Recycling of various office equipment, electronic appliances, printed boards and components.
  • Recycling of cables
  • Collecting of lead-acid accumulators
  • Collecting of non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap
  • Recycling services are provided in conformity with the European convention WEEE.
  • Services of XRF (x-ray fluorescence) laboratory

Safety and confidentiality

BASE Metal intensively cooperates with the public sector and big companies.

In addition to financial aspect of deals, our clients are often interested in confidentiality.

Information about our clients and operations are kept strictly confidential undisclosable.

Cooperation is based on confidential and mutually beneficial agreements.

We value the time of our clients and eager to carry out operations in the shortest possible time.

Environmental policy

BASE Metal is nature's friend. And as a true friend, our company supports various programs to protect the environment.

Thanks to the recycling and reuse of waste, mankind does not need to take more and more new minerals from nature, but it is possible to reuse them without harming the environment.

We strive to create an environmentally friendly waste management system that would reduce waste and improve the environmental situation in Eastern Europe.

Estonia is a country with rich nature. There are many nature reserves and national parks. There are many animals and birds in the forests. All this must be preserved and passed on to future generations.

We are proud that our business benefits the environment.

The company shapes public opinion: do not throw away waste, but hand over.