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Disposal of printed circuit boards and components

BASE Metal has the most extensive list of printed circuit boards and radio components accepted in Estonia.

The recycling of printed circuit boards takes place in accordance with the European Union WEEE directive.

We work with a complete list of modern electronic scrap and old electronics: capacitors, transistors, relays, microcircuits, lamps, quartz resonators and filters, transformers, delay lines, chokes, thermal converters, analyzers, voltmeters, generators, oscilloscopes, etc.

The recycling process for printed circuit boards consists of several stages:

- Reception and sorting.

- Preparation of material for the shredder (removal of the remaining weighting materials and hazardous elements).

- Material crushing in a shredder and packing.

- Sending for processing.

Prices and conditions for accepting electronic scrap can be found in the table.

Reception of old radio components (1940-1990) takes time, so be sure to coordinate the time of the visit with our specialists by phone +37256506492.

Modern scrap of boards and electronics can be brought in without prior approval.