Security and privacy

We process up to 40 tons of different media annually.

Information Security is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, distortion, modification, research, recording or destruction of information.

The issue of disposal of information carriers (hard drives, flash drives, CD/DVD disks, SIM cards and bank cards, etc.) remains relevant when disposing of electronics.

Years of experience in recycling electronics shows us that even banks or government agencies do not always use reliable schemes for destroying information media.

Frequent mistakes when destroying information carriers and risks

Rely on an IT professional to destroy disks

The risk of selling information to third parties!

Solution to the problem

Rather than disassembling discs with important information, it is easier to drill holes with a drill and hand them over to us for recycling.

Storage media are formatted before disposal

Data recovery risk!

This decision takes a lot of time and is relevant only for individuals and small companies.

There are programs that allow you to recover data from formatted disks.

Solution to the problem
Bring discs to us. Our experts will bite them with hydraulic shears when you are present.

Electronics are taken to a nearby waste sorting station or city electronics collection points

The risk of selling information to third parties!

It's a paradox, but we get a large number of servers and computers from the marshalling yards!

We come across whole hard drives, CD/DVD disks, phones with active SIM cards, etc.

The danger of disposing of important electronics at city collection points is that there is a lack of control and corruption.

Low salaries and constant staff turnover motivate people to earn additional income in the form of selling valuable electronics to third parties.

Almost at any electronics receiving stations one can observe the same picture - mountains of broken electronics (old TVs, printers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, etc.) and not a single computer or server! Everything is resold within one business day!

Solution to the problem
Do not entrust valuable electronics to "impersonal" reception sites, where there is no reception by act of prima-transfer and no responsibility.

Transfer of electronics to third parties involved in free collection of household waste

The risk of selling information to third parties!

Disposal through the services of third parties is suitable for household appliances and office equipment peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.), but not for servers and computers.

Taking away electronics from you for free, third parties are interested in making a profit, so they can easily resell computers or servers without thinking about your safety.

Solution to the problem
Do not trust the information to various private individuals or firms, who will come themselves and collect the waste for free. Free cheese exists only in a mousetrap!

Computers and servers - bring them to us.

We not only recycle information carriers, but also buy out many items of office equipment.

Prices for electronics

For the disposal of storage media or electronics of strategic importance (there is a risk of theft of intellectual or patent property), we conclude an agreement describing the conditions and stages of disposal.

We advise customers to dispose of all electronics strictly according to the acceptance certificate.

There were cases when we returned important documents in paper and plastic form to the owner from printers and scanners.


  • Always dispose of electronics at one recycler - if electronics are found at third parties, you immediately identify the culprit.
    If you transfer electronics to different locations, it is much more difficult to identify the culprit.
  • Request an acceptance certificate and prepare a detailed list of important electronics or components with recycling conditions. For example, indicate that refurbishment and sale of specified electronics is prohibited.
  • Order the service of seizure and instant destruction of information carriers in your presence, rather than trust this procedure to your employees. An electronics recycler is not your competitor and has no direct interest in hurting you, and an employee with an average salary is a good target for competitors!
  • The shorter the disposal route for electronics, the safer! Electronics must be loaded and brought immediately for disposal. The less manipulations are carried out, the safer.
  • It is advisable to remove the logos from the recycled electronics! Office equipment with stickers of the police, various ministries and banks always attracts unnecessary attention.