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Send photos and (or) catalyst codes to info@basemetal.ee

Viber, WhatsApp number +372 56506492 (on weekdays, from 09:00 to 17:00 and we respond as soon as possible).

Or contact through the FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/basemetall

  • Catalyst valuation service - for loyal customers only.
  • Be sure to include the catalyst code. Estimation by photo may be wrong.
  • The catalog contains prices for catalysts with whole and complete ceramic filling.
  • Take a photo from above, not from a corner (see photo):


  • The quality of the photos sent must be good, the codes should be readable.
  • Catalysts and filters with partially missing ceramic filling are not accepted by catalog. Such raw materials are accepted only for analysis.
  • We advise you to donate batches of 10 or more catalysts based on XRF analysis only, since the data in different catalogs vary somewhat. More in the section «Should you trust catalyst catalogs?»
  • The connecting pipes of the catalyst should be cut so that the ceramic of the catalyst can be seen. If you cannot cut the pipes yourself, you can use the on-site pipe cutting service.
  • Do not send photos of already cut ceramics. For such a product, the price is determined only on the spot and after analysis:

Our clients are able to send catalysts by courier.

More in the section «Send by mail!».